The Kina Group Today

Kofi Nsiah-Poku has not remained content with his success with Kinapharma and has branched out into other successful business. Under the Kina Group umbrella there now exists Kinapharma, HealthiLife, Xpert Security, and Green Diamond Estates.

With manufacturing still the core, Kina Group now includes one of the largest Tetra Pak food plants in West Africa creating HealthiLife Beverages. The many beverage varieties and brands are available everywhere from Accra through Freetown to Kano on land and in the air on several airlines.

Green Diamond Estates, another Kina Group subsidiary, focuses on the building and letting of high-end residential complexes including The Aspect Court and Hotel Verdé, Accra. The Hotel Verdé, currently in project planning stage, will be West Africa’s first green hotel. Hotel Verdé will be completely off grid – producing and generating its own water, energy and vegetables among many other components.

Xpert Security Ltd., Kina Group’s latest subsidiary, specializes in intruder detection, access control and surveillance for blue chip companies and complexes.

Without a doubt, Kofi Nsiah-Poku has taken his business vision from a dream to a thriving reality. He is committed to marketing and branding his businesses to achieve continued growth and prosperity. Along the way he has consistently given time and resources to various causes and groups including inner-city health screenings, holiday soup kitchens and sponsorship of Special Olympics.

He has always believed that hard work pays off, and he still studies a lot and sleeps little. The results have brought him before kings and quite often to award celebrations.